Both Greens are open and available for play - enjoy

BSCGBC was established in 1896 and since then has been an element in the community life of Bournville. The club has recently move from its location on the Cadbury Recreation Ground on Linden Road overlooking the iconic factory to a new secluded location close by, just off Mary Vale Road. Here we have two crown greens ready for the start of the new season in March 2024. Whilst we have bid a sad farewell to our old much loved location (pictured left) we look forward to an exciting future in our new home.

From May to September the club has league teams playing every day of the week as well as friendly games, social events and lots of internal competitions.

The club has members holding national accreditation in coaching, refereeing and safeguarding, lots of friendly male and female team mates to help newcomers learn this fascinating game, and high standard bowling across its many teams.

Crown green bowling is an excellent way to promote physical and mental health. Experienced bowlers can join one of our 13 teams that play in 7 regional leagues. New bowlers can receive guidance from friendly players, join free coaching sessions led by nationally accredited coaches before joining, if you wish, one of our teams for new players.

For more information about Bournville Sports Crown Green Bowls Club please complete our contact form.

We reach our third internal competition of the season and this time it is the turn of the Memorial Trophy. This one is exclusively for our female members, but everyone else is welcome to attend to support our ladies.

The bowling was due to start at 11:00 on Friday 24th May but has been postponed due to availability. A new date is being organised so please check back here for the new date. The format will be knockout matches played to 21. This is not a handicap competition.

The two remaining bowlers will go forward to finals day on Sunday 22nd September, so before entering, please make sure that you are free on finals day.

The decision on which green to use will be made nearer the event, but remember, no prior practice is allowed on either green on the day, by anyone taking part in the competition.